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tv   [untitled]    January 11, 2012 3:31pm-4:01pm PST

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? >> so moved. as far as we want to refer this to the committee as alcoho-- asa whole. we can have this discussion. >> item r, in support of those goals. is there a motion? >> so moved. >> are moved to suspend the
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rules and consider this item this evening. >> second. [calling votes] >> is there a motion and a second? >> proposed. >> reading the resolution. president yee: i'm going to read this but i know we may add some new wording to this. so, in support of the creation
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of vision and goals of the pre-k to third alignment system, including the pre-k to third, looking back moving forward summit, whereas the san francisco unified school district as one of its goals to have all third graders reading at grade level or above because this is a crucial milestone indicating whether or not children will succeed in school. this goal has profound impact to narrowing the opportunity and achievement gap and whereas the district has many positive programs for our young students. however, many of these programs will are not having the greatest impact because they are not necessarily aligned with each other and whereas the district has accepted the challenge of aligning our prmbings k to third program to -- pree k to third program to improve student outcomes. the district has looked to develop shared goals in aligning our work from
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prekindergarten to third grade and where there are many private education programs for preschool age children who rentering our program in the district, including approximately 2/3 of the children from low income families that enter our public schools. the next sentence i'm going to scratch. i'm not going to read it. whereas parents and other community members play a crucial role in our young children's development and are key emments to any reform efforts to succeed. our city partners have also played a vital role in supporting early learning for our children through programs like preschool for all and gameway to quality and whereas it is vital to have all stakeholders involved in a creating a shared vision in goals of prekinder guarden to third grade alignment system. that will be all aspects of children learning including parent engagement. community members and district staff have been discussing a process to allow for
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stakeholders an opportunity to contribute to this effort. the process includes early education teachers, elementary classroom teachers, classroom environment, parent focus groups and a summit to discuss key points for our vision and goals. whereas the summit is to be held on saturday, february 25, 2012. the purpose of the summit is to create and support the vision of the pre-k to third grade system that would would allow for a collective impact from the diverse entities that influence our young children. and whereas this impact will result in all children reaching their fullest potential, taking one emment such as illiteracy as an example. the district has the goal of all having third graders reading at grade level or above. we realize that the district cannot accomplish the reit -- the detired results without stakeholders involved in the decision, including many early education programs provided by
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community organizations, parents and local government. whereas the pre-k to third -- looking back, moving forward summit on february 25, 2012, will include a national speaker who the senior vice president of a foundation and who is leading a national initiative to have kids read at grade level and mayor leer has -- lee has been invited to co-chair with the president of the san francisco board of education, this summit that is beginning to take -- [laughter] oh, boy. the kind of buzz around town. therefore be it resolved that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district requests that the superintendent of schools will ensure that the district fully supports the inclusion of most stakeholders to create the vision and goals of the pre-k to third alignment system. including supporting the pre-k to third looking back move,
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moving forward summit. so that's the resolution and i believe, commissioner mendoza, would you like to add something? commissioner mendoza: yes. thank you for putting this forward, president ye. this is exciting and timely in terms of the work that's currently moving forward. so the school district, the city, first five, united way, the walter and louise foundation and many others have been approached by, as you know, the foundation to submit an l.o.i.. the intention of this award was to have, you know, somewhere between 20 and 50 communities across the united states apply and 159 actually ended up applying. so we have submitted an l.o.i. with the intent of bringing together all of the things yure you described and i think it would be really helpful if we
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acknowledged that this initiative is the all-city award grade level reading campaign and that we actually have developed a partnership and have submitted an l.o.i. to apply for this award. and the -- and it also is a priority of the board as it is for the city. the three areas that they're focusing in on which you also identify is kindergarten, kindergarten readiness, absenteism and out of school time. all of the elements that are helpful in gaining some momentum around grade level reading. so if we can have some language to -- add some language to that i think it would be really great to be able to bring all that have work together under your resolution. and how it ties to your summit is up to you but just the work itself in identifying it as work that currently is in motion as of recently would be really great and i just want to thank you for bringing ralph up
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because he's a great speaker and motivator and this is his baby and i think as a city, whose priority of third grade level reading, it would be silly for us not to participate in his campaign. so, thank you. and i have some language that kind of -- we can add later on. that's pretty extensive. it just speaks to partners and the campaign itself and just what i said. so thank you. president yee: in terms of the intent of what you're talking about, thanks for pointing it out because for me, even though i didn't write it in there, the intention was that this is very compatible and one of the same to me. so thank you. any other comments? commissioner fewer. commissioner fewer: yes. i just had a question, commissioner yee, or president
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yee. where is the summit to be held for our listeners? and also, just the logistics about it. president yee: we're hoping that it's going to be held at the middle school. actually, i got to come back around. i called the principal and somebody else answered, the principal wasn't there. i wanted to talk to the principal to make sure that this is available before i made the announcement. but that's what i'm targeting, the middle school. just to let everybody know, we're talking about the morning , from 8:30 to about 12:30. any other? commissioner murase. commissioner murase: i want to express my strong support for this endeavor. i think it's very exciting to be invited to participate in something that has national implications. and just to remind board members of the sad fact that california prison populations
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are based on third grade literacy numbers. how many kids who are -- who can't read in third grade are assumed to end up in jail. so there really is very little that's more important than making sure that our kids are able to read at grade level. so i will be supporting this. commissioner wynns: could you explain what participation of our staff will have in the planning and work? is there any -- have we planned for that? president yee: this process of thinking about the summit and the activities that's been taking place for the last almost six months and in fact our own staff has been involved with the planning of this and the leadership has had been in the loop in terms of the discussion and supporting this
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effort. and so in many ways this started as a discussion about a year ago in which i said, you know, it makes some sense, many of the -- there was rationale to do this. and then we were able to get the community involved. i wrote a proposal to get outside funding involved. because in the past we've always had community groups be involved and most nonprofits do not have deep pockets to actually -- commissioner wynns: i appreciate all. that what i want to know is, is our staff, are they going to be doing the work that day? is it in their work plan? have we budgeted for that? that kind of stuff. president yee: one of the things that i just received pretty much notice about it,
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we've talked about this in terms of budget. but the main expense that we weren't too sure but now we're sure is that it needs to have 75 to 100 teachers in the preschool programs. we're going to have about the same amount of preschool teachers visit elementary school programs. so we do have the funding for that. and in terms of staffing for the people involved so far, the parent engagement office and carla and transition person that she's hired, that's been spoken about and they already know -- they've already committed to doing that. so that's most of the staff that's going to be involved and then of course we'll need translations. and then in terms of facilitating some of the breakout sessions, we're asking
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communities to do that part of the activities. commissioner wynns: have we looked at this? you've planned this and thank you. president yee: yeah. commissioner maufas: so i want to also thank you so much for working on this, president yee. i know it's totally one of your babies and you know it comes and going and to really pull together the level of leadership around this and just keep, you know, moving forward, moving forward, and you've really done it pretty quietly, at least from our board perspective. it's here. and just upon us. and i am very, very supportive and you've mentioned, you know, tidbits to us as we've crossed paths. i mean, pretty much i feel like the only -- besides coming and
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attending, you haven't asked for us to do anything to assist you and at a minimum, you know, i want to show my support by asking if you'd allow us and i'm speaking for myself and other commissioners, to join you on your resolution, in support of your efforts. and so other folks who even look at this resolution understand that the board is behind your endeavors. and i'd be honored to join you. but also, you know, am opening the phoneline for you to call and say, you know, if you need any assistance in whatever way i can be of assistance to you, my line is open and waiting for a message. ye i appreciate your effort -- president yee: i appreciate your effort. are you asking to be a name on the resolution? thank you -- commissioner maufas: and something else, too. can you ask for something else. maybe not publicly -- you can ask for something else. maybe not publicly but my phone is open. president yee: i appreciate the support and even though i'm
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presenting the resolution now and answering commissioner wynns' question, this is not new to the staff. it's just formalizing what we've been talking about and doing and planning and so forth. and it's a good opportunity for , again, for the board to know exactly what's happening with this and as we move forward, we only have a month, a little more than a month, to find details in this. i'll need a lot of help and staff is working on it and part of my role is to bridge, at least initially, help bridge that communication between our district and the community. so i think that's being done at this point and i feel real good that the district has really embraced this concept. thank you. roll call please.
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commissioner maufas: yes. commissioner mendoza: yes. maursmaurs -- commissioner murase: aye. commissioner wynns: aye. president yee: aye. >> six ayes. president yee: thank you. motion to pass -- motion passes. ok. item s. board members' report. are there any tonight? i don't -- we haven't had a meeting. t, report of -- whoa, whoa, ok. moving too quickly. who's got it? commissioner fewer? i mean, commissioner maufas. commissioner maufas: thank you. just making an announcement
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that our -- on monday, january 16, is m.l.k. jr. national day of service and i wanted to let folks know that beginning at 8:45 a.m. there are volunteer opportunities to celebrate the day of service as promoted by martin luther king jr. but also by president obama and his wife, michelle obama. at the african-american arts and cultural center. which is at 762 fulton street and it will be upstairs. again, it starts at 8:30 in the morning. there -- they will be serving a light break breakfast and volunteer signup at 9:15 there's a rally and throughout the city they will provide transportation to volunteer destinations via shuttle bus and that's gardened projects, tree planting, cleaning up of parks and streets, participating in local food pantry, painting, writing
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letters for some of our troops, reading for seniors and there will be many, many more signup opportunities and again to remind everyone of this is an opportunity for us to participate in the national day of service here in san francisco and again it starts at 8:45 on monday, january 16, at the african-american arts and cultural center. they will be providing, again, shuttle transportation. for more information you may contact melanie green at mlknes and for direct access to all the day's events can you go to and just click on the complex special events and you will find out more information. thank you.
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commissioner murase: yes, i have two announcements. i'm sending down a program from the ucsf lincoln high school fifth celebration. many of you are aware that lincoln high school has a two-year biotechnology program under the direction of a man of jenentech. they oversee high school opportunities -- students in biotech. they have partnered with professor wendell wnyys' lab and while they have competing at the m.i.t. biotech olympics they have come home with two golds, one silver, one best new application and fifth place in their first year of competition. so it's really a great celebration. this is one of the reasons why lincoln is such a popular high
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school these days. there's no admission requirements to that two-year biotech program and really what the kids are doing is not just undergraduate level work but graduate level work. so i would love to invite them, some of the students are local still, to show us a presentation that won the gold in last year's olympics. my our announcement is january 27 is the application deadline for applying to sfusd kindergarten, middle school and high school. so i want to thank the hardworking staff of the educational placement center. it's going to be very busy in the coming weeks. and then i'm sorry, my last announcement is we are working on board policies and i know board members committed to submitting their suggestions and edit to our legal counsel coleman. so she's still waiting to hear from my colleagues.
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>> what's the deadline? >> it was monday. >> yeah, that's right. commissioner murase: so if people could spend time on that, it's a very important activity. commissioner fewer: i would just like to share with the board that on january 3 i went to the graduation of the charter school and it was the last graduation under sheriff hennessy who is our sheriff for three decades. three-plus decades. anyway, it was a wonderful event attended by many family members and very encouraging and also a stark reminder of the work that we still need to do here at san francisco unified and then i'd like to mention also the san francisco p.t.a. will be celebrating their 100th anniversary on february 10 and everyone is invited to come. it's $45 to come and celebrate that momentous occasion. at the next meeting i will not
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be present but commissioner maufas and i have both authored a resolution in commendation of them. so we look forward to that. and i just wanted to say thank you to all the past san francisco p.t.a. presidents, district presidents. it was a tremendous job. it is completely volunteer. and i have been a p.t.a. president myself for 12 terms so -- and that's just at my school so i can't even imagine what it might be -- what a big job it would be districtwide. so san francisco p.t.a., second district in the state of california to ever -- to charter a p.t.a. congratulations. i won't be here next week to congratulate them. mrs. wilson. >> should also acknowledge that there's the state p.t.a. president right now. this will be a big anniversary
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for them. we should all try to be present. president yee: ok. what i'd like to do is request information about committees. if people could send in their requests for what committees they would like to participate in for this year by friday, that way we could -- vice president norton and myself could go over them and put together the best assignment we could put. so did you cast them? the three of you who are not listening? committee assignment, so, send in your requests by friday. >> we should just write them down and send them snow president yee: yeah, email. email -- >> where they going to all be the same committees or are you talking about the four major ones? we have a fouad hocks.
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-- few ad hocs. president yee: give me your three committees that you would like to be on, the existing ones, and we'll make some decisions around which ones are -- we're going to move forward with. including ad hocs. ok. and that's due friday. friday. i know. ok. let's see. where am i? t. we're on t. report of closed session actions. for january 10, 2012, student expulsion, the board by the vote of six ayes and one absent approved the expulsion of one high school student. the board by a vote of seven ayes, approved a contract for one principal.
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we are adjourning this meeting and we've taken care of the memory of warren helmand. so meeting is adjourned.
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>> this is one of the museum's longest art interest groups. it was founded by art lovers who wanted the museum to reflect new directions in contemporary art. it has been focused on artists in this region with an eye toward emerging artists. ♪ it is often at the early stage of their career, often the first major presentation of their work in a museum. it is very competitive. only a few artists per year receive the award. it is to showcase their work to
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have a gallery and publication dedicated to their work. ♪ i have been working with them on the last two years on the award and the exhibitions. the book looks at the full scope of the awards they have sponsored. ♪ it has been important to understand the different shifts within the award program and how that is nearing what else is going on in the bay area. -- how that is mirror beiing wht else is going on in the bay area. ♪ there are artists from different
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generations sometimes approaching the same theme or subject matter in different ways. they're artists looking at the history of landscape and later artists that are unsettling the history and looking at the history of conquests of nature. ♪ artists speak of what it means to have their work scene. often you are in the studio and do not have a sense of who is really seeing your work. seeing your own work at the institution have gone to for many years and has an international audience is getting the word out to a much larger community. ♪
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commissioner campos: good morning, everyone. welcome to the transportation authority plans and programs committee. happy new year to everyone. we are joined this morning by a committee vice chair commissioner carmen chu, john avalos,


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